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Leikkipuistoesittely: Mäki-Matin perhepuisto

If you want to go play in the city of Jyväskylä, there are more than 100 parks to do it. Today we want to speak about the oldest family park in Finland. The park for family Mäki-Matti was founded in 1979 and is located in the city center.


The park is open all year. Among the facilities are in games rooms with accessories, kitchen and toilets. The park in the courtyard is playground equipment, a Native American village, sand play area, playgrounds and a barbecue area and a stage. In this park are performed each year many events in the city, and also can be rented for meetings and parties. Last summer the park made a refurbishment and is in excellent condition.

 The central region of Kansallinen Lastenliitto, had been participating for three years in an event called Yläkaupunki city into the family park Mäki-Matti. There we had been offering to the smaller and their families our activities. In 2013 we had dance workshop, in 2014 we had competition drawing and manual activities and this year we were present with a fun stunt track. We can say, we had over 200 participants in it this year. We were in a corner of the park surrounded by beautiful trees that gave us shade on a sunny day. The prize for participation in the track was a balloon. It was exciting to see small met our challenges and had fun with their parents.

If you do not know the park, come and enjoy it in family!

Cecilia Nyberg
Kansallinen Lastenliitto - Keski-Suomen piirijärjestö ry.

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